On campaign trail, Cyr learns who he is running for

A 'My View' column from Julian was recently printed in the Cape Cod Times. Read the full column online here

"When you go door to door, you get an intimate sense of the lives that Cape and Islanders lead. It’s given me a renewed appreciation of who I’m running for.

I’m running for the Yarmouth Port widow who was so glad to see me at her door asking for her vote on a bitter March afternoon. It was clear I was the only visitor to her home in months and that she – and far too many of our seniors – face isolation.

I’m running for the director of a children’s center in Hyannis who worries daily about the young families of color that she serves who remain left behind.

I’m running for the firefighter in Harwich who talked about the need to keep his health care costs low and how he worries about job opportunities for his adult children on the Mid-Cape.

I’m running for newlywed natives in Brewster who were just a few years behind me in high school; they’re living at home with her parents to save enough for a down payment.

I’m running for both a young man from Orleans who called 911 and the woman he saved from an opioid overdose in downtown Hyannis.

I’m running for the proprietors of Cottage City Oyster Co. in Vineyard Haven, who are hoping to be the state’s first aquaculture grant licensed to grow kelp, but need a state senator to help them navigate bureaucratic red tape.

After hundreds of conversations with voters at their doorstep, I believe the Cape and Islands District deserves a senator grounded in our community with the experience and energy to deliver results."

- Julian Cyr