Cyr’s a man of action, principle and promise

October 11, 2018

Letter to the Editor

Cape Cod Times

For those who don’t know our dynamic state senator for Cape Cod and the Islands, Julian Cyr is a native of Truro. First elected to the Massachusetts Senate in November 2016 as its youngest member, he heads committees that reflect Cape priorities.

Not surprisingly, Cyr’s outstanding accomplishments as a first-term senator mirror his public policy background. For example, he helped secure funding earmarks for the following:

• Substance abuse programs.

• Emergency shelters for the homeless.

• Children’s advocacy centers.

• Police, fire and rescue training.

• Homelessness prevention and employment services.

Placing a high priority on protecting the Cape’s environment, Cyr secured funding for beach and habitat conservation and a Nantucket coastal study on the impact of trawl fishery.

The senator shares local concerns about the Pilgrim nuclear plant. He helped secure funding for an interagency working group to monitor the decommissioning process.

L. Michael Hager


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