Cyr was sincere where Flores was defiant

Cape Cod Times

October 24, 2018


As I watched the Oct. 13 debate between Julian Cyr and John Flores, I noted several apparent differences between the candidates for the Cape and Islands seat in the Massachusetts Senate. In each case, the differences linked substance and style.

Most striking to me was their approaches to interacting with each other as they discussed issues of importance to the region and beyond. Flores, who suffers from a disadvantage of far less experience in government, particularly at the state level, responded to Cyr and to posed questions with a negative attitude - criticism of his opponent, personal and substantive attacks and an approach that seemed pretty unpleasant to me and to many in the audience.

Cyr, on the other hand, used a more engaging approach, seeking clarification about his opponent’s positions without putdowns. He listed his accomplishments in his short career - a record difficult to top - and that seemed to frustrate his opponent and generate negative responses.

I want a senator who can effectively engage his colleagues - from both parties - to collaboratively address and solve the many difficult issues facing us.

I will vote for Julian Cyr and urge others to do so as well.

Crystal Gips

South Yarmouth