Endorsed by the MV Times and the Nantucket Inquirer & Mirror!

"Democrat Julian Andre Cyr is among a new wave of young people seeking to enter the political arena. His experience in state government, most recently as director of policy and regulatory affairs for environmental health at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, has left him well versed in the policy process. Now he has an opportunity to shape policy. This page especially supports his call to fund programs that incentivize the development of rental housing that’s financially attainable and available to residents of all ages, both low and middle income. The housing crisis on Martha’s Vineyard won’t be overcome without expanding overall supply, at various prices, to accommodate Island workers and families, as one would find in healthy communities all across America."

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"With Dan Wolf choosing not to seek reelection, a new face will represent the Cape & Islands in the state senate following Tuesday'selection regardless of who voters choose. Our choice is Democrat Julian Cyr, who grew up in Truro, working in his family's restaurant when not in school. He understands the issues facing working families on the Cape & Islands, and the unique challenges of making a living in a seasonal resort community with one of the highest costs of living in the country. After NYU and a stint as an Obama administration intern, he's also spent six years in state government developing policy for the Department of Public Health and working directly with legislators and community leaders on issues as diverse as water quality, healthcare, and environmental protection. 

He has both the government experience and the lifelong knowledge of the district to earn our endorsement for State Senate."


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