Progressive Coalitions Unite Behind Cyr

For Immediate Release: September 20, 2018

Progressive Massachusetts and Mass Alliance both cite track record of leadership tackling opioid crisis & protecting our environment in statements of support


TRURO—State Senator Julian Cyr (D-Truro) today announced support from leading grassroots, progressive coalitions Mass Alliance and Progressive Massachusetts in his campaign for re-election to the State Senate.

“I believe in a politics that is honest, bold, and inclusive — values that I’ve worked to represent for the Cape & Islands District,” said Senator Cyr. “I’m honored to have the support of organizations like Progressive Massachusetts and Mass Alliance, who challenge Beacon Hill to do better for vulnerable populations, working families, and a sustainable future.”

“Mass Alliance is proud to endorse State Senator Julian Cyr for his 2018 re-election. The Cape & Islands needs leadership that is dedicated to putting the community first in finding solutions to the problems we are facing,” said Jordan Berg Powers, Executive Director of Mass Alliance. “As the opioid crisis takes more lives every year, and a changing climate wreaks havoc on the Cape's vulnerable coastlines, Julian has fought for funding for environmental priorities and access to treatment so those suffering from addiction get the care they deserve. From education to health care and climate change, Senator Cyr has adopted a bold agenda.”

“Cape & Islands voters are lucky to have Julian Cyr as their senator. In his first term, Julian has been a powerful advocate for public health and environmental sustainability and for investing in the public education and infrastructure that are the bedrock of our economy,” said Jonathan Cohn, Chair of the Endorsement Committee for Progressive Massachusetts. “Julian understands well that our Commonwealth is strongest when we are inclusive and when we work together for bold policy solutions. We are proud to endorse his re-election.”

In his first term, Senator Cyr secured funding to bulk purchase NARCAN for first responders and for anti-addiction programs in local schools. Senator Cyr also led a successful effort to secure proper funding for special education programs in public schools across Massachusetts. In 2018, the State Senate passed an unprecedented budget of $4.9 billion in funding for public schools statewide, including new funding for rural school districts on the Cape & Islands, and unprecedented funding for school transportation costs.

About Mass Alliance

Mass Alliance is a coalition of more than 25 political and advocacy organizations working together to advance progressive values, including environmental protection, access to healthcare, and economic justice.

About Progressive Massachusetts

Progressive Massachusetts is a statewide, grassroots organization working to move Massachusetts toward a future where the values of equal opportunity, social and economic justice, consumer and environmental protection, health care as a right, equal access to quality public services, respect for all residents and accountable and transparent government are given top priority.

Apply to be a Fall Fellow

Are you interested in politics and looking for a way to get involved in your community?

Senator Julian Cyr is looking for motivated, passionate and energetic individuals to serve as Fall Fellows on his re-election campaign for the Massachusetts State Senate.

Fellows will get hands-on campaign experience in an exciting and competitive race supporting the field team in grassroots organizing, outreach, and voter contact. Fellows will report to the campaign’s Field Organizers to work on volunteer recruitment, digital outreach, mobilizing communities, and managing campaign data.

The Fellowship program is seeking candidates who can commit to a part-time, flexible schedule. This position is unpaid but is a fantastic learning opportunity to work for one of the most qualified, passionate, and experienced candidates for the State Senate race.

Visit to apply for the Fall Fellowship program. The deadline to apply is September 28.

Thank you


I am deeply honored to be your State Senator-elect. The longer I’ve been in these shoes – from the first days as your candidate and now as your voice on Beacon Hill -- the more I appreciate that this office is so much bigger than me.

The past week has been a time of taking stock and reflection on the 2016 election cycle. Like so many of you, I am deeply saddened by the results on the national level. This shocking turn of events has left our nation uncertain about the direction our country under a Trump Presidency.

I plan to follow the lead of President Obama and Secretary Clinton who have said they will keep an open mind, but I pledge to be vigilant and fight against any discriminatory action President Trump or the Republican-led Congress take. What our nation and our state needs are ideas and solutions that bring us together, not policies that drive us apart.

I am proud of the state senate campaign that we ran. I'd like to thank Tony Schiavi for a great campaign. Tony has served our communities -- and our country -- time and again with distinction. And, I look forward to working with him on issues that matter to the district.

My success during the campaign is directly related to my campaign team and wonderful supporters. I am so proud of the work our team has done.

To the phenomenal Democrats of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket and their town committees, who saw the potential in a first-time candidate, thank you. To the newfound organizers who are becoming political forces in their own right, thank you. To our campaign fellows who worked tirelessly to help us knock on over 25,000 doors, thank you. To the local and state elected officials who got behind us, thank you. To the amazing unions and organizations who endorsed and did so much, we would not be here without you – thank you.

To my staff and volunteers who made this campaign possible -- you are the future of an inclusive politics on Cape Cod & the Islands. You have redefined how winning campaigns are run in this region. You have been selfless in your belief in our cause and your belief in me. I will never forget you and offer my heartfelt thanks.

To those who I couldn’t do this without -- my friends and my family. You all put your hearts so selflessly into my campaign -- like you have with every endeavor in my life, thank you.

I am profoundly grateful. Now it's time to roll up my shirt sleeves and get to work to create solutions to the challenges we face.



Boston Mayor Marty Walsh campaigns with Julian in Yarmouth!


“Julian Cyr has the deep experience in public health and knowledge of the opioid epidemic that we need in the State Senate,” said Mayor Walsh. “Julian has made the opioid epidemic and housing affordability his major campaign issues. Julian is the right leader for the Cape’s future and I am proud to support him.”

Julian endorsed by the Cape Cod Chronicle

"As someone who grew up in Truro working in his family's restaurant, Cyr knows the trials and tribulations of trying to live and work year round on the Cape. He also knows how government works, having served as an intern in the White House and as director of policy and regulatory affairs for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's environmental health division. His experience there, and as deputy director of the Department of Public Health's government affairs division, are particular important to the Cape, where environmental health issues - including cancer rates and water quality, both drinking and marine - are key to our economy and quality of life. 

Cyr knows how Beacon Hill operates and knows many of the key players. His opponent, Anthony Schiavi, has a strong background in public service and clear leadership skills, but we believe that as a Democrat, Cyr will be better positioned to represent the interests of the Cape and Islands in the State Senate."

Endorsed by the MV Times and the Nantucket Inquirer & Mirror!

"Democrat Julian Andre Cyr is among a new wave of young people seeking to enter the political arena. His experience in state government, most recently as director of policy and regulatory affairs for environmental health at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, has left him well versed in the policy process. Now he has an opportunity to shape policy. This page especially supports his call to fund programs that incentivize the development of rental housing that’s financially attainable and available to residents of all ages, both low and middle income. The housing crisis on Martha’s Vineyard won’t be overcome without expanding overall supply, at various prices, to accommodate Island workers and families, as one would find in healthy communities all across America."

Read more in this article!


"With Dan Wolf choosing not to seek reelection, a new face will represent the Cape & Islands in the state senate following Tuesday'selection regardless of who voters choose. Our choice is Democrat Julian Cyr, who grew up in Truro, working in his family's restaurant when not in school. He understands the issues facing working families on the Cape & Islands, and the unique challenges of making a living in a seasonal resort community with one of the highest costs of living in the country. After NYU and a stint as an Obama administration intern, he's also spent six years in state government developing policy for the Department of Public Health and working directly with legislators and community leaders on issues as diverse as water quality, healthcare, and environmental protection. 

He has both the government experience and the lifelong knowledge of the district to earn our endorsement for State Senate."


See why the Inquirer and Mirror has endorsed Julian here!


Congressman Seth Moulton and local veterans endorse Julian!

Read more in this article.


Congressman Seth Moulton:

“Julian is an outstanding candidate for office and will represent Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket with distinction and expertise in the State Senate,” said Congressman Moulton. “Julian has made his campaign about issues and ideas for the future of the Cape and Islands. Julian will lead for veterans and all people as your State Senator.”

Joe Gill, Hyannis:

“As a former Army Sergeant, I served my country in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Coming home from war can be difficult, but it’s even more difficult when you come home to a broken community. I work as an EMT at Cape Cod Hospital and I’ve seen far too many people die from opioid addiction.  To tackle this epidemic, we need Julian Cyr in the State Senate. Julian is the only candidate who has the public health experience to fight for those plagued by addiction.”  

Arthur Dickinson, Harwich:

“As a retired Vietnam veteran and a retired Navy commander of 20 years, I have long recognized and encouraged bold leadership and strong decision-making. As our next senator the Cape needs and deserves a man of character, conscience and discerning intelligence similar to state Sen. Dan Wolf.

Julian Cyr has the competence to focus on our current opioid crisis. He has exhibited expertise in the area of health care legislation, having worked as deputy director for government affairs at the state Department of Public Health. In that position, he has a proven ability to work with both parties in the Statehouse. He promotes a collaborative approach to solving the problems on the Cape such as the wastewater issue, housing, employment and the needs of the elderly, veterans and the homeless. And he has the knowledge and desire to promote the safety and security of our people and environment by calling for the immediate closure of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. Julian Cyr, a native Cape Codder, is the man for today’s problems, the collaborator for tomorrow’s solutions and the voice of the future.”

Joe Bangert, Harwich:

“Julian Cyr, with his training in community health, understands the importance of maintaining veterans services for our homeless and transportation challenged veterans. He will fight with Congressman Bill Keating to ensure that the Hyannis Veteran's Service Center has the resources to provide for the critical health and mental health challenges.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is an issue that affects veterans from Korea to Afghanistan and is the leading cause of veteran suicide. It is a syndrome that leads to veteran involvement in the criminal justice system with horrendous results. Julian will continue in the steps of Dan Wolf in advocating for a Veterans Court system similar to that which exists in other states. Dan is the only state legislator that I've known to visit Veterans in jail to find out how the court system has failed them. I know Julian will continue in this advocacy.”

Kristina Meservey, Eastham:

“With his support of social justice for all individuals, I know Julian Cyr will fight for social justice for women veterans in their treatment as victims of sexual violence and abuse in the services. He will work with the various veterans service organizations and work with state and federal organizations and officials to ensure the adequacy of services for women veterans.” 

On campaign trail, Cyr learns who he is running for

A 'My View' column from Julian was recently printed in the Cape Cod Times. Read the full column online here

"When you go door to door, you get an intimate sense of the lives that Cape and Islanders lead. It’s given me a renewed appreciation of who I’m running for.

I’m running for the Yarmouth Port widow who was so glad to see me at her door asking for her vote on a bitter March afternoon. It was clear I was the only visitor to her home in months and that she – and far too many of our seniors – face isolation.

I’m running for the director of a children’s center in Hyannis who worries daily about the young families of color that she serves who remain left behind.

I’m running for the firefighter in Harwich who talked about the need to keep his health care costs low and how he worries about job opportunities for his adult children on the Mid-Cape.

I’m running for newlywed natives in Brewster who were just a few years behind me in high school; they’re living at home with her parents to save enough for a down payment.

I’m running for both a young man from Orleans who called 911 and the woman he saved from an opioid overdose in downtown Hyannis.

I’m running for the proprietors of Cottage City Oyster Co. in Vineyard Haven, who are hoping to be the state’s first aquaculture grant licensed to grow kelp, but need a state senator to help them navigate bureaucratic red tape.

After hundreds of conversations with voters at their doorstep, I believe the Cape and Islands District deserves a senator grounded in our community with the experience and energy to deliver results."

- Julian Cyr

Vote Cyr if you want Pilgrim closed ASAP and decommissioned properly.

"Cyr is knowledgeable about the details and committed to continuing the vital work of Rep. Peake and current Senator Wolf on prompt closure and responsible decommissioning."

- Brent Harold, Cape Cod Times blog. Read the full post here. 

Letters to the editor supporting Julian!

Several letters to the editor from residents supporting Julian across the Cape have been printed in the Cape Cod Times. Read more below.

"As a retired Vietnam veteran and a retired Navy commander of 20 years, I have long recognized and encouraged bold leadership and strong decision-making." ... "Julian Cyr has the competence to focus on our current opioid crisis. He has exhibited expertise in the area of health care legislation, having worked as deputy director for government affairs at the state Department of Public Health." 

- Arthur Dickinson, Harwich.  Read the full letter online here. 

"Julian Cyr is the clear choice to succeed state Sen. Dan Wolf, D-Harwich. Mr. Cyr understands the issues and challenges facing those of us who live here year-round. There is a vast difference between knowledge and understanding. Mr. Cyr’s life-long, first-hand experience with these challenges gives him a unique understanding of these issues."

- Brian Davis, Harwich. Read the full letter online here

"As a local elected official, I am supporting Julian Cyr because I believe he is the most qualified candidate in the state Senate race to tackle critical issues facing Cape Cod and the Islands: economic development, housing, jobs, the environment, education, and the opioid epidemic."

- Elizabeth Gawron, Eastham Selectman. Read the full letter online here

"At the Massachusetts Department of Public Health he has worked to gain funding for prevention programs and increased rehabilitation opportunities for those afflicted with opioid addiction on the Cape and Islands."

- Bob Rice, Brewster. Read the full letter online here.