Thank you and moving forward to November

On Thursday, September 8th voters across Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket placed their faith in me and our message of action on affordability, the opioid crisis, and stewardship of our fragile environment. I am profoundly grateful to the over 9000 voters who supported our campaign.

We won the old fashioned way, neighbor to neighbor, door to door, in every part of the district. This level of grassroots organization in this district is truly historic. The efforts of our team and our volunteers who made this possible is extraordinary – and very humbling.

I’m proud of what both Democratic candidates achieved. Sheila Lyons and her team ran a vigorous campaign. Cape and Islands Democrats are stronger for it. I’m grateful to Sheila for her friendship and I’m excited to work hard with her for a stronger Cape & Islands.

Our campaign started knocking on doors in February, and we didn’t stop until 7:50pm thursday night. There have been so many acts of selflessness and commitment: the 15 year old high school junior who biked through a hurricane on Sunday to reach voters. The Truro neighbor who has known me since I was 3 weeks old who spoke with 200 voters on the phone in an afternoon. The activist who said she’d never do another campaign after a bruising defeat in 2014 but couldn’t help herself and logged uncounted miles on her car for us.

This race now becomes the number one state senate contest in the Commonwealth. Let’s not mince words: there is a lot at stake in this race. The GOP wants to pick up this seat. I’m not about to let this happen. These next two months will be a tremendously hard race, but we will rise to the challenge.

I believe that Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket can remain a place where a young couple can wash ashore, make a life, start a business, and raise a family. I believe that people who want to make a life here should have a chance to do so, and find a place to live that doesn’t break the bank and a job that pays the bills. That our neighbors and children fighting addiction can get the treatment they deserve. That people who’ve lived their entire life here can retire with dignity. That we preserve and repair our unique environment for the next generation.

To make that future happen, we will need to work harder than we ever have before. Let’s get to work.

With gratitude,