Thank you


I am deeply honored to be your State Senator-elect. The longer I’ve been in these shoes – from the first days as your candidate and now as your voice on Beacon Hill -- the more I appreciate that this office is so much bigger than me.

The past week has been a time of taking stock and reflection on the 2016 election cycle. Like so many of you, I am deeply saddened by the results on the national level. This shocking turn of events has left our nation uncertain about the direction our country under a Trump Presidency.

I plan to follow the lead of President Obama and Secretary Clinton who have said they will keep an open mind, but I pledge to be vigilant and fight against any discriminatory action President Trump or the Republican-led Congress take. What our nation and our state needs are ideas and solutions that bring us together, not policies that drive us apart.

I am proud of the state senate campaign that we ran. I'd like to thank Tony Schiavi for a great campaign. Tony has served our communities -- and our country -- time and again with distinction. And, I look forward to working with him on issues that matter to the district.

My success during the campaign is directly related to my campaign team and wonderful supporters. I am so proud of the work our team has done.

To the phenomenal Democrats of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket and their town committees, who saw the potential in a first-time candidate, thank you. To the newfound organizers who are becoming political forces in their own right, thank you. To our campaign fellows who worked tirelessly to help us knock on over 25,000 doors, thank you. To the local and state elected officials who got behind us, thank you. To the amazing unions and organizations who endorsed and did so much, we would not be here without you – thank you.

To my staff and volunteers who made this campaign possible -- you are the future of an inclusive politics on Cape Cod & the Islands. You have redefined how winning campaigns are run in this region. You have been selfless in your belief in our cause and your belief in me. I will never forget you and offer my heartfelt thanks.

To those who I couldn’t do this without -- my friends and my family. You all put your hearts so selflessly into my campaign -- like you have with every endeavor in my life, thank you.

I am profoundly grateful. Now it's time to roll up my shirt sleeves and get to work to create solutions to the challenges we face.